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It had been a custom of Robin Hood’s to pick out the best men in all the countryside. Whenever he heard of one more than usually skilled in any feat of arms he would seek the man and test him in personal encounter which did not always end happily for Robin. And when he had found a man to his liking he offered him service with the bold fellows of Sherwood Forest.. 2 points submitted 1 year agoHave you ever worked retail? No matter how passionate you are about the product(s) you peddle, you a voiceless cog in a corporate machine, and the endgame is to get your numbers where they should be. Every company has its own CoL, just under a different name. “Making your own store a solution” is a way to make yourself expendable.There are definitely some assholes out there trying to hit their CoL requirements dishonestly, but that doesn reflect every employee/store.unfunnypun 2 points submitted 1 year agoHer behavior is inexcusable, and only made worse by the fact she refuses to apologize after you were very obviously upset by the slur she used, which she then used AGAIN. I like the game and I hope they make it even better. You 합천출장샵 cant excuse a shitty 60 dollar game by saying it wasnt in development long and you also shouldnt argue that a game should be better because it was in development for a long time. Its not like we paid for the game on the day of its conception and have been waiting since them.. Firstly, there are only two colours. Secondly, it doesn’t actually keep your brows in place nor does it fluff them up like the gimme brow does, and lastly, it picks up way too much product on the brush so, I feel like I always have to scrape the sides to make it useable, something not necessary with my gimme brow. All in all, not a dupe, and Maybelline and L’Oreal make way better brow gels.. The fourth book, God Emperor of Dune, is a sort of culmination of the first 3 books. It also tends to be very polarizing as most people who have read it see it as either the best Dune book or the worst. I see it as the best place to end the story as the following dune books cover a completely 합천출장샵 different group of people, themes, and ideas.. And even when Sidney opened the door and allowed Tamra to attend her graduation, Tamra put her needs first, and broke trust. Sidney asked Tamra to promise not to publish photos on social media. Tamra posted the photos on her IG within 48 hours of the ceremony in direct violation of her promise. Alissa, people don call you rude because of things like jokingly saying “hos.” I KNOW you are smarter than this, so don try to front. People call you rude because you routinely pop off at innocent people who weren even remotely rude to you. Like, remember when you asked your followers for Halloween makeup ideas, a follower sent you a look she did as inspo for you, and you got angry at her and accused her of trying to get clout? THAT why people call you rude. I watch as a roving troupe of monkeys swing between the unfinished rafters and settle between unused bags of cement. One monkey seems to have noticed me and scurries to get the younger monkeys into the safety of an abandoned mine worker cottage. The architects have reimagined these century old ruins as a new structure that would house a row of craft shops to sell goods made by the local community.